Monday, November 7, 2011

Calendar Class....

A group of ladies got together this past Saturday to do a calendar class with Elizabeth.  Wow!  This was a fabulous class, Elizabeth is so talented and her designs are so detailed and fun to do.  We did July-December for starters and will meet again in the near future to finish out the set.  These are the pages we made, don't you just love all the detail?  Thanks, Elizabeth! 

Two of us stayed on to scrap the night away.  We had a Mexican dinner at a local restaurant and then went back to the work tables to do whatever.  Unfortunately, I didn't accomplish much but we chatted, laughed and just had a good time before packing it in around 2ish.  The clocks were turned back an hour so it was after 3ish when we got home.  A great time with friends!


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