Friday, November 11, 2011


Thirty one years ago we planted a Red Oak tree in the back yard.  It grew into a beautiful Oak tree that provided us with much shade.  On one of the branches we put a swing for our grandchildren, Pap spent many hours pushing Sammie, Allie and James as they squealed with delight.  Today we had the tree cut down because it contacted a root disease that may have been caused by the drought here in Texas.  This tree took thirty one years to grow over our house top but only two hours to be totally removed.  It is a sad day!

Monday, November 7, 2011

Nutcracker Box

I made this Nutcracker box this afternoon using a project file from Craft Project Central.  All the pieces were made using Stampin'Up! punches.  They were punched, cut, glued  and decorated before adhering to the box (included with the project).  It was a fun project but I now have glitter from one end of my desk to the other.  This is the reason I dislike using glitter, I get it everywhere.  The box is 6x2x1 1/2 inches, a great size for a small gift of jewelry or filled with candy canes to stuff into a stocking.  I hope you enjoy my Nutcracker box and run over to Craft Project Central to check out their site.  Until later.....

Thanksgiving Card Class.....

Some of us were really dragging at the Thanksgiving card class yesterday.  After such a late and busy Saturday and the time change, it was no wonder!  These are the cards that were shared at the retreat last month.  It is so interesting to see the ideas people come up with using the owl and bird punches.  Lucky for all of us that they share their designs.  I loved teaching this class, the looks on everyone's  faces when we used the bird punch to make a turkey on the platter, and three small circles to make a pumpkin, were just priceless!
Enjoy these beautiful cards from the demonstrators of Katy........

Calendar Class....

A group of ladies got together this past Saturday to do a calendar class with Elizabeth.  Wow!  This was a fabulous class, Elizabeth is so talented and her designs are so detailed and fun to do.  We did July-December for starters and will meet again in the near future to finish out the set.  These are the pages we made, don't you just love all the detail?  Thanks, Elizabeth! 

Two of us stayed on to scrap the night away.  We had a Mexican dinner at a local restaurant and then went back to the work tables to do whatever.  Unfortunately, I didn't accomplish much but we chatted, laughed and just had a good time before packing it in around 2ish.  The clocks were turned back an hour so it was after 3ish when we got home.  A great time with friends!

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