Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Happy Wednesday.....

Hope y'all had a great Wednesday.  I finished putting the ornaments on the Christmas tree and put out a few decorations.  Still need to do the beading on the tree to call it totally finished.  I hope to finish tomorrow and then I will post a picture of my handy work. 

I've started to cut the chip board for a project I hope to start and complete this month. Am I the only one that has such a problem cutting a 3/8" strip of chipboard?   I need three and I have three but none are the same size and I did measure it before I cut.  This is very discouraging!  Tom just shakes his head as I struggle so.  I will be doing this project at an all day event with a friend.  Between the two of us we might just get it finished in time for Christmas. 

I am also making myself a recipe book from scratch.  I cut the chipboard earlier without any problems.   The papers I will be using are from Graphic 45, just love this line of paper, very vintage.  If and when I finish, I will post some photos.  Well, I'm off to play with my papers.  Until later, have a great evening.......


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