Thursday, October 13, 2011

Card & Recipe swap.......

I am doing a card and recipe swap next week with a great group of ladies.  We get together every month at a restaurant to eat dinner, visit and have our card swap.  We usually have ten doing the swap.  It is a lot of fun and we get some amazing cards.  These are very talented ladies.  The card for this month was to be a birthday card.  This is what I made for the swap.  Hope you like it.  This is the second month for our recipe swap. The recipes are put on a 6X6 piece of card stock, decorated any way you like.  The end of three months we will have enough swaps to make a nice recipe book.  This is my swap for this month.  Enjoy!


Sorry I've been missing in action the past week or so.  My cousin Carol and her husband Dick stopped by for several days on their way back from vacationing in California.  This was such a treat since we don't get many visitors from Pennsylvania (my home state).  We spent so much time catching up, laughing and just enjoying each others company.  Tuesday we visited the San Jacinto monument, the battlehip Texas and then had lunch at the San Jacinto restaurant.  After lunch we made our way to Galveston for some shopping and a look at the three masted ship from Greece called the Alissa that Tom read about in the paper.  We drove the seawall for a short distance but opted for more shopping time.  The weather was sunny, warm and beautiful.  We couldn't have asked for a nicer day.  They left yesterday morning for the last leg of their trip.  Both were anxious to get home since they have been gone for three weeks.  I was missing them the moment they pulled out of our driveway.  We had such a wonderful time together and made a few memories to cherish.

I will have some cards to post next time but until then, stay happy!

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