Monday, January 23, 2012

SU Regionals

Several of us from the Katy area attended the SU Regionals in San Antonio this past Saturday. There were 1400 SU enthusiasts gathered at the convention center to listen, laugh and learn from the trainers of SU.  They are an amazing group of ladies with good tips and ideas on how to improve and go forward with our businesses.  The demonstrations gave us many ideas for new projects and classes.  The swapping cards were amazing, meeting people from all over the country a real treat, and such a joy meeting  old friends we've met from past gatherings.  It was such an enjoyable, relaxing Saturday being with people who love what they do and love sharing it.  Valentine's Day is fast approaching so I posted only those swaps with the Valentine theme.  I have many more to post later.  

We had a fabulous room in San Antonio at the St. Anthony.  I'm posting a photo because I was so impressed with the room and it was about the same price as our breakfast Saturday morning.  It is a shame we weren't staying longer.  We each had our very own bathroom, closet and four poster bed.  How wonderful was that?  
A huge thank you to our up line who made our hotel arrangements, she did an outstanding job getting us such nice rooms for such a piddly amount. 

Until next time, enjoy the photos and have a marvelous Monday!


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