Sunday, February 5, 2012

Day after.....

The Scraptabulous Crop yesterday was absolutely great!  We had such a good time with old friends and new ones as well.  We had some doing scrapbooks and some doing cards and even some making castles.  There was a lot of food, sharing and laughter.  It was a really fun day that was over way too fast!

Today on the other hand went rather slowly.  I was up early but went back to bed for a really long nap.  I think the anxiety and preparations for our crop, wore me out.  I did work a little on my castle this evening.  Finally got the draw bridge put together and the chains are working perfectly.  It did take a lot of tweaking.  Finished part of the roof but still have hundreds of bricks to cut out, round the corners and glue in place.  This will be another day.  I will definitely post pictures when I finish this project.  It is taking a lot longer than I ever anticipated.  Hopefully the mini album that goes inside the castle won't take as long.  Although I've been frustrated with this project as times, I have enjoyed it. 

I'm off to bed so until next time, sweet dreams!


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