Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Inspired by Pinterest

I attended another class over at Scrappn'Savvy in Spring last evening with a few friends.  The class was a photo box Inspired by Pinterest and given by Terri Burnett.  The box can be used to display your photographs or just hold them until you are ready to use them on a scrapbook page.

We used  paper by Authentique.  The box was primed and sanded, the panels were cut and inked then applied to the sides of the box with liquid glue.  The legs were added last.

There are four dividers in the box to separate the photographs.  Both sides of divider is covered with paper and inked.  Flower embellishments added to front to add interest.

 The top of the box wasn't wasted as we made a small shadow box decor item.  The back is lined with patterned paper and decorated with a banner, umbrella and flower embellishments.  A punched bird is added to the top and a small removable card held in place by the flowers.  A great piece to announce the coming of Spring.

Terri's projects are always so fun, what an awesome instructor.


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